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The emphasis on this campaign will be role playing, although there will be standard D&D elements as well. Because this is based on RP, what you say can be as important as how you say it (and your skill check roll of course!) The feel of the world will be dark, sinister, and unsettling – as if you just walked in to your favorite horror movie. But here, you can (and should!) fight back!

Your character will explore the Forgotten Realms (Faerun), and you are free to choose any starting area within Toril for your origin.

Map of Faerun

As some of you haven’t played 5th edition yet, feel free to bounce ideas and ask tons of questions. I am thinking we might plan a 2 hr character making lunch or something before our first session, assuming schedules permit.

Here is a list of custom backgrounds your character could have:


Also, a few sample characters for you to use or just review:
Cleric, Human
Fighter, Dwarf
Rogue, Half-elf
Wizard, Half-elf

Looking forward to your descent into darkness….. er, I mean, this new adventure we’re kicking off!

- Brad

Brad's 5th Edition D&D

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