Brad's 5th Edition D&D

The story continues...

... or, what possessed them to do that?! ...

Having explored the first two stories of the creepy, haunted house the group continued up to the third floor in order to find the missing children. Upon entering the landing area of the top of the stairs, an animated suit of plate armor attacked the group. Nithtish ended up getting a spiffy set of new armor out of the encounter however, as the group made quick work of the magically animated object.

Ora was then attacked by a broom when she opened a closet door, and Nithtish and Daine found a bedroom with an eerie doll who watched every step they took. Dante, Lark, and Adriana found a winding staircase in what appeared to be an old chimney stack and followed it down to the first floor where it ended in a large wooden trap door in the floor. They pulled on the iron ring, to no avail at which time they gave up and headed back upstairs.

By this time, Ora was able to unlock a large padlocked door using a nifty frost ray spell to break the chains. Inside she found a disturbing scene: the remains of two young children, a small scale version of the house in dollhouse form, and a toy chest. As she approached the toy chest, two ghostlike forms appeared to her. She talked with them and learned that Walter was their still-born younger brother, and that their mother hated him. They were locked in this room where they died so they would be “protected from the monster in the basement.” The specter of the nursemaid had attacked the group earlier, and it now made sense that the baby was hers and the husband’s (since there was a small nursery off from the nursemaid’s room). The specter called out “Walter!” as she vanished.

The ghosts of the children entered into Ora and Dante, then began to not-so-subtly alter their personalities and force them to act in ways that were not normal. The group picked up on what was happening, but not before Dante / the little boy had a total meltdown and refused to listen to Lark (or pretty much anyone else for that matter.)

Once the ghosts had taken over part of the group, the trap door to the basement opened and they proceeded to explore under the house. It was a much bigger area than a normal basement would be. There were several burial chambers set up for the Durst family, some empty and some occupied. Two empty ones in particular stood out: ones for Rose and Thorn Durst. Through prodding by the possessed Dante and Ora, the poor children’s bones were laid to a proper rest in their tombs.

After the children had went on to their eternal rest, the comrades felt newly invigorated and filled with a new influx of power. Which was needed since Adriana ran headlong into 4 ghouls and was promptly given a dirt nap. The rest of the party slowly came to her aid and saved her from a more permanent sleep.

Through more exploration by the party, it was obvious that this area has recently been inhabited by someone or something. There were sleeping quarters that looked used and some foodstuffs that were not spoiled or rotten. They took a short breather and prepared to investigate further. Curious-er and curious-er….



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