Brad's 5th Edition D&D

Welcome to the Curse of Strahd campaign!

The on-going story...

Our first foray into the mists began this past weekend, and so far no TPKs!

The story so far is as follows:

While sitting quietly in an inn called the Vulgar Dagger, our soon to be heroes took in the local ambiance and were mildly entertained by a young lad of moderate talent. The lone dark stranger in the corner kept a baleful eye on everyone, especially a suspicious female dark elf (Ora) who seemed to be overly inquisitive. A woof elf monk named Adriana seemed to get visibly nervous when a bent-over old man with a large wooden walking stick started asking pointed questions to the half-orc barkeep, Orlen. Meanwhile a half-elf druid made friends with a loner Tiefling, talking about what the gods only know.

All Hades broke loose when the old man and the little entertainer had an altercation and a ball of fire fell from the old man’s palm to the wooden floor of the establishment, immediately starting the place ablaze.

The monk faced off with the old man, who began to transform into a large demonic form with red-tinged skin, bat like wings and glowing eyes. Orlen shouted instructions to get the locals out safely, and most people took to the rear exit out through the kitchen because by this time the front door was engulfed in flames.

The druid (Veralidaine) and fighter (Nithtish) grabbed a passed-out patron and lugged him out the back door, while the human rogue Dante and monk dared to face off against the demonic entity, only to think better of it and follow out after everyone else had left. In a huge explosion of fire, smoke, ash, and wood splinters, the demon took flight through the ceiling of the Dagger, destroying Orlen’s only means of livelihood. To escape the imminent threat, the party bolted into the woods under cover of trees and brush.

A strange mist began to envelop the newly formed group and while trying to find a way out of the gloom (after the boy Lark cut his own life line whilst searching for a wolf!) a huge bear literally tore into the group hoping to get a warm dinner. The druid soothed the bear just long enough for Lark to bop it over the head and totally piss it off again. Ora almost became bear food, but quick thinking by a flanking rogue and a super-timely critical slice from the fighter put a fast end to the melee.

The next morning after a spooky but uneventful rest, the comrades started out into the fog again. They happened upon a gravel road leading into a seemingly deserted village. A small boy and young girl appeared to them and begged them for help against a monster that was in their house.

Strange kids

Soon the group found themselves in a strange and foreboding old Victorian-style home. They explored the first two floors looking for the children, but have only found foot prints and trinkets of little to no value.

Creepy House

But then there was the books on necromancy… and the eerie family portraits with the baby… Oh, and the will and odd letter from a noble named “Strahd”…


What does all this mean? Tune in next time to see… if you survive!


I hear NishTith is a master pot banger!


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